7 Go-to Dresses You Need in Your Closet ...

Just like there are certain staple foods you always need in your pantry, there are certain dresses you need in your closet! These dresses you need will become the foundations of your go-to outfits. They're the dresses you grab when youโ€™re rushing out of the house in the morning and donโ€™t have time to worry about how you look. Because you're sure to look fierce and fabulous in any one of these styles!

1. Little Black Dress

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One of the most eternally fashionable dresses you need in your closet is the little black dress. You can dress it up, dress it down, and make it your own! No matter how often you wear this dress, it will always look brand new because itโ€™s just that versatile! Whether youโ€™re late to a meeting or to a Christmas party, this is your go-to dress! Since I adore lace, one of my favorites is this black lace dress from ModCloth! modcloth.com

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