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Going Formal 42 Strapless Gowns That Will Make Jaws Drop ...

By Eliza

Got a formal event coming up? A strapless ball gown is the obvious choice for what you're going to wear. You'll be elegant and beautiful and you'll feel like the belle of the ball. No matter your budget, you can find a lovely gown that will make you feel as beautiful as you look. The only problem will be narrowing it down to your favorite choice. Have a look at these - it's going to be hard to choose one. Have fun!

Table of contents:

  1. Shades of turquoise
  2. Taffeta ball gown in white
  3. Miranda blue for evening
  4. Beautiful white lace couture
  5. Red strapless tulle
  6. Beautiful accents on the skirt
  7. Ivory with long lace appliques
  8. Tan strapless embellished sweetheart
  9. Champagne sequin beaded tulle ball gown
  10. Lovely in black
  11. Topped with gold bling
  12. Beautiful blue
  13. Lilac and embellished
  14. With an accentuated waist
  15. Embroidery and ruffles in burgundy
  16. A two piece wonder
  17. Bright pink with a beaded bodice
  18. Feminine pale pink
  19. Bright purple
  20. Silver with ruffles
  21. Studded with glitz and glamour
  22. Turquoise with a ribbon waist
  23. Form fitting and fabulous
  24. With a touch of purple
  25. Lots of gold detail
  26. Flora printed ball gown
  27. Belted strapless ball gown
  28. Blush pink for any occasion
  29. Ruching layered strapless teal green
  30. Black tulle for lots of elegance
  31. Emboridered with stunning red
  32. How about coral orange?
  33. Yellow tulle with silver accents
  34. A big hoop skirt
  35. Peachy pink is never a bad choice
  36. Classic black and white
  37. With a bow at the waist
  38. Purple organza ruffles
  39. Strapless red rosette
  40. Violet with silver on top
  41. Scarlet red and fitted on top
  42. Comfortable and lovely

1 Shades of Turquoise

Misses Dressy
Price: $398.00

2 Taffeta Ball Gown in White

Price: $4500.00

3 Miranda Blue for Evening

Price: $48.88

4 Beautiful White Lace Couture
Price: $1699.99

5 Red Strapless Tulle

Unique Vintage
Price: $372.00

6 Beautiful Accents on the Skirt

Madame Bridal
Price: $1519.00
Availability: in stock

7 Ivory with Long Lace Appliques

Price: $48.88

8 Tan Strapless Embellished Sweetheart

Unique Vintage
Price: $270.00

9 Champagne Sequin Beaded Tulle Ball Gown

Unique Vintage
Price: $358.00

10 Lovely in Black

Bridal Expressions
Price: $498.00

11 Topped with Gold Bling

Price: $179.99

12 Beautiful Blue

Price: $34.44

13 Lilac and Embellished

Unique Vintage
Price: $270.00

14 With an Accentuated Waist

Unique Vintage
Price: $202.00

15 Embroidery and Ruffles in Burgundy
Price: $220.00

16 A Two Piece Wonder

Price: $139.99

17 Bright Pink with a Beaded Bodice

Unique Vintage
Price: $364.00

18 Feminine Pale Pink

Price: $99.87

19 Bright Purple
Price: $220.00

20 Silver with Ruffles

Price: $189.99

21 Studded with Glitz and Glamour

Dress Prom
Price: $530.00

22 Turquoise with a Ribbon Waist

Dress Prom
Price: $458.00

23 Form Fitting and Fabulous

JoJo Dress
Price: $359.95

24 With a Touch of Purple

Dress Prom
Price: $478.00

25 Lots of Gold Detail

Price: $109.99

26 Flora Printed Ball Gown

Price: $0.00

27 Belted Strapless Ball Gown

Dress Prom
Price: $550.00

28 Blush Pink for Any Occasion

JoJo Dress
Price: $299.95

29 Ruching Layered Strapless Teal Green
Price: $220.00

30 Black Tulle for Lots of Elegance

JoJo Dress
Price: $349.95

31 Emboridered with Stunning Red

JoJo Dress
Price: $329.95

32 How about Coral Orange?

Dress Prom
Price: $358.00

33 Yellow Tulle with Silver Accents

JoJo Dress
Price: $299.95

34 A Big Hoop Skirt

JoJo Dress
Price: $389.95

35 Peachy Pink is Never a Bad Choice

JoJo Dress
Price: $439.95

36 Classic Black and White

Price: $172.89

37 With a Bow at the Waist

JoJo Dress
Price: $359.95

38 Purple Organza Ruffles

JoJo Dress
Price: $349.95

39 Strapless Red Rosette

JoJo Dress
Price: $259.95

40 Violet with Silver on Top

Rissy Roo's
Price: $319.00

41 Scarlet Red and Fitted on Top

JoJo Dress
Price: $349.95

42 Comfortable and Lovely

Price: $169.00

Do you see one you are dying to have? Where will you wear it?

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