7 Gorgeous Dresses for £20 or Less ...

When was the last time you found amazing dresses for £20? Never? You could be missing out! I was totally skeptical when a friend challenged us to find a great dress for £20 or less, and I was sure that we’d all end up with something unflattering, uncomfortable and quite possibly itchy. That totally wasn’t the case, though. Here are my fave dresses for £20!

1. Sexy LBD

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When it comes to dresses for £20, you can’t beat a cute LDB. I found a whole selection from simple cami dresses to casual dresses like this adorable ASOS design, and even black dresses featuring lace cutout panels. Take inspiration from Lordes and goth up the look by teaming it with a leather jacket and dark lipstick, or go for a more everyday look by adding gold jewellery and heels. Either way, you’ll look totally gorgeous.


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