7 Gorgeous Prom Dresses for Any Body Shape ...

What do your dream prom dresses look like? Would you choose something timeless and understated? A gorgeous vintage number? Something short and playful? From the classic to the glitzy and even bold neon, prom dresses come in almost every style known to man, and choosing one can be tough. How do you find something that makes you look and feel great, flatters you and sums up your personality?! This should help: here’s some of the hottest prom dresses right now, and how to make them suit your figure.

1. Create Curves…

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There’s something about this prom dress that I just totally love. From the bold pink shade to the white lace detailing and corseted back, it’s flattering and well cut, and I love how the frills give the illusion of a perfect silhouette. It’s perfect for people who aren’t feeling too confident in their figure, or who want to create that classic hourglass shape. A simple glitzy bracelet and classic make-up will rock this look best, and opt for either blow-dried hair or a chic up-do to finish it off. I definitely need some prom dresses like this!

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