17 Gorgeous Shoes for plus Size Ladies ...


17 Gorgeous Shoes for plus Size Ladies ...
17 Gorgeous Shoes for plus Size Ladies ...

Shoes for plus size women aren’t always easy to come by, but it’s certainly no reason to overlook them because of size. As shoes are a fashion staple of any wardrobe, it’s essential that women of all sizes should have fabulous shoes. When looking for shoes, it’s important to choose ones with a wider fit and sturdier heel. Here are some gorgeous shoes for plus size women that won't disappoint!

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Benefit Brown Crochet Sandals (Wide Width)

Benefit Brown Crochet Sandals (Wide Width) Price: $28.50 at torrid.com

This simple sandal looks incredibly flattering on wider feet. The crochet adds a wonderful texture to a minimal sandal, great for pairing with a long maxi skirt or some shorts. In fact, this sandal is so versatile that it could really be worn with anything. The wider fit will better accommodate wider feet, giving a comfy feel while still looking chic and casual.


Mixed-Strap Color-Block Wedge

Mixed-Strap Color-Block Wedge Price: $34.94 at oldnavy.gap.com

Who says plus size ladies can’t wear towering wedges? Cushioned wedges are especially fitting shoes for plus size women as they offer more support. You could strut around in these all day without feeling a thing! This shoe is great for a fun night out or with a skirt on a date at the beach.


Herringbone Loafers

Herringbone Loafers Price: $39.95 at gap.com

Loafers are incredibly trendy and offer a more supportive alternative to flats. With the geometric print and colorful piping, this shoe could easily take you from classes all day to a casual evening out. Pair these with some dark skinnies and you’ve got a great look. These come in many other colors, so go check it out!


Leather Brogues

Leather Brogues Price: $58 at us.asos.com
These shoes are perfect for the plus size fashionista in you. From the bright color to the intricate lace pattern, these brogues are just what you’re looking for in an evening stroll. Pair with some dark tights and a plaid skirt and you’ve instantly got a preppy but classy look. An absolute must-have!


Imitation Suede Shoes

Imitation Suede Shoes Price: $34.95 at hm.com

From the grosgrain laces to the satin lining, these shoes take casual footwear to the next level. Pair with almost anything in your closet and you’ve got a chic and pulled-together look. The simplistic feel instantly minimalize the extra width to your feet. Say goodbye to your grungy sneakers and say hello to your new favorite shoes.


Printed Flats

Printed Flats Price: $24.95 at oldnavy.gap.com

These focus-stealing flats tell the world that you’re not ashamed to show off your plus sized feet. Who says flats have to be dark and concealing? Show off those beautiful feet in these vivid shoes paired with neutral bottoms and a fun top. These easily take you from day to night offering a much more exciting alternative to the classic pump or wedge. Plus they’re incredibly comfortable!!


Tricia Fuchsia Suede Heels (Wide Width)

Tricia Fuchsia Suede Heels (Wide Width) Price: $39.50 at torrid.com

For those plus size women looking for a more elevated shoe, these pumps are just what you’re looking for. Again with the wide width, these incredibly eye-catching heels offer more comfort and stability. Also, the thicker heel allows for a more stable and safer strut. Offered in many colors, these pumps are perfect for a wild night out.


Pointed Wedges

Pointed Wedges Price: $49.71 at us.asos.com
These color-block wedges are another wonderful shoe for plus size women looking for some height. With five inch heels, these wedges are bound to make you the spotlight in any location. Wear these casually with dark wash jeans or to a party with a colorful frock. The neutral color balances out any outfit while elongating your legs. A win-win shoe!


Faux Snake-Skin Platforms

Faux Snake-Skin Platforms Price: $89.00 at ninewest.com

Another gorgeous shoe for plus size women, these platforms are for the woman that doesn't want to give up fashion because of size. With a thick heel and wide platform, no plus size women will be disappointed in these. Wear with a black dress for a monochromatic and classy outfit. These put a more sophisticated spin on the classic black pump.


Glitter Pumps

Glitter Pumps Price: $49.95 at hm.com

The thick but distinctive heel makes these pumps the perfect shoe for plus size women. The vibrant tones allow for a more flattering figure without compromising height or beauty. As a much more elegant heel, these paired with a blouse and pencil skirt will make you the gossip of the office. Wear with a dark a-line dress for smart and chic look.


Leather Ankle Wedge Boots

Leather Ankle Wedge Boots Price: $34.95 at hm.com

As colder weather approaches us, these taupe boots will be the perfect addition to your shoe rack. Again with the wedged heel and neutral tone, these shoes will look wonderful on any plus size woman. Pair with tights and a leather skirt for a sexy night our or tone them down with dark skinnies and a colorful blouse.


These leather ankle wedge boots are not only stylish, but also practical for the colder months. The taupe color is versatile and can be paired with various outfits. The wedged heel provides comfort and stability for plus size women. They are available in a wide range of sizes, making them accessible for all body types. These boots are also affordable, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Plus, they are available at H&M, a popular and inclusive fashion brand.


Faux-Leather Cowboy Boots

Faux-Leather Cowboy Boots Price: $39.95 at oldnavy.gap.com

The beautiful color, the stacked heel, and easy-for-wear tabs… what’s not to love with these cowboy boots? The square rubber sole and wide opening offer both comfort and stability for any plus size lady. Stuff skinny jeans into these or wear with warm leggings and a skirt for a casual but not sloppy look. These boots are a must-have for the colder weather!


These faux-leather cowboy boots are not only stylish, but also practical for plus size ladies. With a comfortable stacked heel and easy-to-wear tabs, they offer both fashion and function. The square rubber sole and wide opening provide stability and support, making them perfect for everyday wear. Available for only $39.95 at Old Navy, these boots are a budget-friendly option for any fashion-conscious plus size woman. Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings for a casual yet put-together look. Don't miss out on adding these must-have boots to your wardrobe for the colder weather!


Gray Suede Chelsea Boots

Gray Suede Chelsea Boots Price: $563.38 at us.asos.com
Hand crafted from premium quality suede, these boots are absolutely to die for. With the sturdy fit and elastic leg opening, these boots belong on the feet of every plus size woman. Offered in multiple colors, these shoes could easily be paired with almost anything in your closet for a girly meets rugged look. Made from 100% leather and looking incredible, these boots are definitely worth splurging for.


Platform Leather Ankle Boots

Platform Leather Ankle Boots Price: $140.85 at us.asos.com
These boots are the perfect example of plus size women not needing to compromise beauty because of size. With a chunky heel, wide fit and hidden platform, these boots will be the feature of any outfit. Whether its with tights and leather shorts on a stroll downtown or paired with a neutral dress, these boots will be the highlight of any event. Gorgeous, flattering, and comfortable, these shoes are a trifecta of shoe awesomeness!


Vintage Tall Leather Boots

Vintage Tall Leather Boots Price: $189.00 at ninewest.com

Classic boots: a fashion staple no plus size women should do without. The stacked heel offers height but not discomfort and the subtle side details are nice touches an otherwise neutral shoe. The long boot shaft flatters your calves and the wide fit allows you to walk in these all days. Wear these with dark jeans or leggings and a long coat for a beautiful equestrian look.


Magenta Indo Women's Vegan Casual Shoes

Magenta Indo Women's Vegan Casual Shoes Price: $54.00 at https://img.allw.mn/content/fashion/2012/08/17_plimsoll-sneakers.jpg
Price: $24.85 at us.asos.com
These color-block sneakers are a wonderful alternative to the plain runners or Converse sneakers. The wide fit and chunky sole make these a great choice for the sporty plus size woman. Wear these to the gym or with neutral capris pants for active but casual look. Who says sporty has to be sweaty — we can all look fabulous!

All these beautiful shoes just goes to show that plus size women can have equally remarkable looking feet. Which pair of gorgeous shoes do you like best? Calling all plus size women, what is your favorite footwear?

Top Image Source: thefashionfiend.com

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As an short plus sized girl I adore wearing heels and wedges makes me feel up there with my tall friends 😜

The tall nine west boots are not ideal for plus size as most plus size women have bigger calves

I like forever 21 plus size. I was able to get wide calf brown knees high boots. The prices are reasonable and they had wide cafe options.

Great article and as a bigger girl I appreciate the enclusion of all different styles of shoe not just the standard ballerina flats (I love them but they are my all too predictable go to shoe). I especially love pointy toe shoes because they always make my foot look elongated and less wide. Next paycheck I'm picking up #8 for sure.

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