7 Gothic Romance Fall Pieces ...


This season’s fashion takes a walk on the dark side with gothic romance fall pieces. Black and brooding, gothic elegance is back in style for fall with leather, lace and velvet pieces suitable for the season’s dark, moodier fare. Fierce vampy fashion and Victorian romance give this gothic trend a modern makeover swimming in lavish opulence and luxe details. Don these 7 Gothic Romance Fall Pieces for traditional gothic inspiration with Victorian edge.

1. Like You a Lattice Dress

Like You a Lattice Dress

Price: $39.99 at modcloth.com

To embrace your dark side this season with a romantic twist don a delicate little lace dress for gothic inspiration that has mid century Victorian edge. With a deep berry hue, the slip underneath this French little black dress offers a lavish pop of color while still remaining opulent and moody for pure gothic glam. Pair with all black leather or velvet accessories to complete your dark side transformation.

All Saints Neely Bodysuit
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