8 Great Gatsby Inspired Fashions ...

Great Gatsby inspired fashion is only going to get more popular as the release date to the much hyped movie remake nears. Embrace the roaring twenties with flapper dresses, sequins, pearls, and all things glitz and glamour. The designer runways have been full of 1920s inspired fashion, and these trends are filtering down into chain and high street stores. So, make like Daisy Buchanan in these Great Gatsby inspired fashions.

1. Waterfall Ruffle Midi Dress

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When looking at Great Gatsby inspired fashion, you can’t go past a Daisy Buchanan inspired dress. You’ll be a vision this in delicate ruffled midi dress. While it may seem fairly basic and free of embellishments, you can easily style it up with a few well placed statement jewels. Pop on a crystal necklace, slip on some metallic shoes, and finish the look off with an embellished clutch bag.

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