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How To Dress Stylishly can be quite a mystery that we feel we´ll never manage to solve. What is style anyway, and how can we apply it to ourselves so we know how to dress stylishly? One thing is for certain – if you try too hard you won´t look like you know how to dress stylishly. Some women make it look so natural – here are some hints to help you adopt an effortless style …

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Some lucky women hit upon their signature look early on, and stay with it on the basis that if it works, why fix it? It´s more common however for your tastes to change over time, which is a good thing for style – the danger for most of us is that keeping the same look just makes you look dated. So allow your look to evolve along with your changing tastes.


Try Combinations

If you want to know how to dress stylishly, try putting together items from your wardrobe and see how they look together. A plain black dress, for example, may look dull on its own, but add a belt and it looks amazing. Or maybe one belt doesn´t work, but another is perfect. It´s a question of trying different combinations and seeing what works.


Adapt, Not Imitate

Slavishly following someone else´s style just makes you look as though you´re heavily influenced by what the glossy magazines tell you that you should be wearing. It´s better by far to take elements of their look and adapt it to suit yourself, or incorporate their attitude towards style.


Bargain Hunt

A great way to learn how to dress stylishly is to shop in thrift stores and flea markets. Not only may you find some amazing and individual pieces (the truly stylish woman does not dress in clothes that you will see hundreds of others in), but style can be found there at bargain prices. This means that you can afford to try out new looks and if they don´t work, you haven´t spent much money.



Be adventurous if you want to be a stylish dresser. Often style comes from dressing differently (this doesn´t have to be outlandish, simply a little daring). Try something that you may think would not suit you – you could be surprised at how amazing it looks.



True style cannot be imitated, nor can it be an imitation. So don´t copy someone else, but rather cultivate your own look. Appearing like a wannabe is not a good image! When it comes to how to dress stylishly, it is essential to always be a confident individual – a stylish woman does not dress for the approval of others.


Figure Fit

Wearing the correct size garment is important; if you squeeze into a smaller size, it will be very obvious what you´ve done. Equally, be careful of oversized garments; it can sometimes look very chic, for example certain styles of coat, but on the whole just looks like you´re wearing an older sister´s cast-offs.


Age Appropriate

Some styles of clothing need not be restricted by age. I´ve seen a red Vivienne Westwood coat that would look fantastic on a woman of any age, even in her 70s. Other items, however, do not look stylish as you get older, but are best suited to teenagers. When looking at how dress stylishly, know what doesn´t work for your age group.

When look at how to dress stylishly, a little effort is required (no faded jeans or slogan t-shirts - think of the pictures of women in the Fifties with gloves and hats on all occasions). Remember also that style is not the same thing as fashion. Stylish women are not limited by what is deemed to be the current fashion; nor do they dress too casually. Do you know someone who always knows how to dress stylishly?

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