9 Great Leggings for Fall ...

Leggings for Fall **are all the rage this season, and don't go thinking they're dated. An unforgettable 80s fashion icon, leggings have made their way into the modern wardrobe, so every stylish girl needs a pair of **leggings for fall. Comfortable and versatile, these heavy-duty tights can be worn underneath everything from tunics to tees or used for more practical purposes during colder seasons. This season consider adding these 9 great **leggings for fall **to your closet to help ward off the chill.

1. Printed Leggings

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Not for the faint of heart, these geometric leggings incorporate stunning colors with eye-catching shapes. Layer upon layer of brilliant patterns overlap to create a visually stunning pair of leggings for fall that give adventurous fashionistas the opportunity to garner some serious attention. Given their visual intensity, these leggings would be best worn with a white or earth toned blouse and basic flats.

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