Green ♻️ Fashion 👚👖 for College Students 🏫 ...


As a student, it is a good idea to set the standard for future generations. Students in college today, are the leaders in boardrooms tomorrow. Focusing on living more green and wearing ecologically sound clothing is one of the few ways we can ensure that there is a tomorrow for the students to live in. There are numerous ways that a student can live greener.

Did you know that in the United Kingdom, the University of Sheffield and the London College of Fashion have developed clothing that purifies the air as we wear it? The company Ecover are trying to make it so that in a few years there will be thousands of students with Catalytic Clothing on in college.

The fashion industry has a lot to answer for

The fashion industry is responsible for the cruelty to billions of creatures and people, and is known for using “bad” chemicals and encouraging women to hate the bodies they were born with. It is about time that people within the fashion industry started making amends. One way they can do it is with ethical fashion. Students have a duty to be the ringleaders in the adoption of ethical fashion, because if they do not, then whom will?

What is eco-friendly and ethical fashion?

Eco-friendly means that Brazilian rainforests were not destroyed to feed cattle, manufacture cheap leather, and be exported in order to make a handbag or leather shoes. It also means not releasing fumes or chemicals into the water in order to make things such as dyes or clothing polymers. Ethically fashion is about being eco-friendly and improving the fashion industry as a whole. Why are people forced to work in sweatshops in other countries, when people are jobless on benefits in our country? Do we need to cage and kill thousands of rabbits to make handbags more cuddly? Ethical fashion is trying to make the fashion industry act in a less abhorrent manner.

1. Wear Clothing That is Meant to Be Re-used

Many students buy a cheaper garment and then after two weeks, the dye has faded from the edges of the garment and it looks old and cheap, so they buy another one. Try buying ethical fashion that is also long lasting. That way you can wear it for longer without looking like a scruff bag.

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