7 Creative 🎨 Group Halloween Costumes 🤡 to Wear with Your BFFs 👯 ...


No matter what you’re doing with your friends this Halloween, sometimes a good group costume is just what you need for the best Halloween ever. If you and your friends are looking to pick out the perfect group costume, look no further than this list. It’s full of the best ideas for the cutest (and pretty easy!) group costumes ever! Whether you’re going to a party or even just trick-or-treating, you’ll definitely turn heads if you’re walking the streets in these amazing costumes with your best friends!

1. Taylor Swift’s Squad

Taylor Swift and her amazing group of powerful female friends have completely taken over Hollywood this year. In fact, most would probably agree that they’re the most famous friends of the year. If you and your friends are obsessed with these ladies, dress up like them for Halloween! Or even take it one step further and dress up like their Bad Blood counterparts!

The Clueless Girls