7 Creative Group Halloween Costumes to Wear with Your BFFs ...


7 Creative Group Halloween Costumes  to Wear with Your BFFs ...
7 Creative Group Halloween Costumes  to Wear with Your BFFs ...

No matter what you’re doing with your friends this Halloween, sometimes a good group costume is just what you need for the best Halloween ever. If you and your friends are looking to pick out the perfect group costume, look no further than this list. It’s full of the best ideas for the cutest (and pretty easy!) group costumes ever! Whether you’re going to a party or even just trick-or-treating, you’ll definitely turn heads if you’re walking the streets in these amazing costumes with your best friends!

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Taylor Swift’s Squad

Taylor Swift and her amazing group of powerful female friends have completely taken over Hollywood this year. In fact, most would probably agree that they’re the most famous friends of the year. If you and your friends are obsessed with these ladies, dress up like them for Halloween! Or even take it one step further and dress up like their Bad Blood counterparts!


The Clueless Girls

Since the 90s are so big this year, take it back in time with costumes from this hilarious movie. There’s a character for everyone to dress up as, no matter who you are, making it the perfect costume to wear for a group of friends!


The Disney Princesses

If you and your besties are Disney-obsessed, try your hand at wearing Disney Princess costumes. Chances are that everyone had their favorite Disney princess growing up, and chances are even better that you dressed up as one or two every year as a kid. Bring those memories back and be a Disney princess with your best friend again!


DCOM Girls

If you loved a good Disney Channel Original Movie from back in the day (uh, who didn’t?) then dress up as them for Halloween! One of your friends could be a Cheetah Girl, another could be Zenon, and so on. You could even be the computer from Smart House! How much fun! Everyone picks their favorite Disney Channel Original Movie from back in the day and dresses accordingly. What could be better?



Emojis have been around for a while now, but they’ve really taken over the Internet over the past year. If you’re looking for a group costume that’s super easy, it doesn’t get much easier than a group emoji costume. Everyone picks his or her favorite emoji, and creates a costume accordingly!


Social Media Networks

If you and your friends are looking to make your costume as easy on yourselves as possible, try a social media group costume. Each of you dress up in the color the sight is known for (turquoise for Twitter, red for Pinterest, etc.) or dress like the typical user of the site to really get a few laughs. It’s an easy costume that’s sure to be so original and fun!


Orange is the New Black Girls

If your friends love to binge-watch TV shows together, you really can’t go wrong by dressing up like your favorite TV show. If your favorite show is Orange is the New Black, dress up like your favorite girls for your best Halloween yet!

What’s your Halloween costume going to be? Are you dressing up with any of your friends? Let me know what your plans are for the holiday in the comment section! I want to hear all about your plans!

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