7 Halloween Looks That We'd Love to Wear Year-round ...

There are some Halloween looks that should definitely only come out to haunt the holiday — it's the only day that it's okay to dress up like a slutty pumpkin. However, there are some Halloween costume staples that would be so much fun to wear year-round. Yes, some of us might find it fun to dress up like zombies on Mondays, but I'm going to stick to Halloween looks that aren't scary or disgusting for the sake of this list. Here's a look at some cute Halloween costume staples that would be fun to rock whenever we feel like it:

1. Eye Masks

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These accessories can instantly turn you into a superhero or a masquerade ball attendee. They're one of the best Halloween looks because they make you feel all mysterious, and they can look super stylish with fancy details like lace, sequins, feathers, and beads. Many of them also have eye hole shapes that give you an instant cat eye, no eyeliner required. They'd be great for everyday life because they'd be an easy way to cover up dark under eye circles. And since many of them are large enough to cover up eyebrows, you'd get the added bonus of saving time on plucking.

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