7 Helpful Hints to Avoid Buying Fake Fashion ...

Some people don't mind buying fake fashion. They're more interested in getting a bargain. However, there are many problems involved in buying counterfeit clothing. At best, you will get a poor quality item. At worst, you are helping fund criminal activities. But what if you unknowingly buy a fake, believing it to be the genuine article? Here are some tips on how to avoid buying fake fashion …

1. Buy from Reputable Stores

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The best way to avoid buying fake fashion is to always purchase from a reputable store. You can be confident that these stores use only official suppliers of the merchandise. They have a reputation to protect, and so will only sell genuine items. It may be tempting to look for a cheaper source, but remember that the item will be cheap for a very good reason …

2. Bargain?

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When purchasing designer brands, ask yourself the following question: is it too much of a bargain? Designer fashion is expensive for several reasons, such as quality and creating desirability. The labels will not want to sell their clothing cheaply. So a price tag that is much lower than you would expect may be an indication of a fake item. This is particularly common with online sources such as eBay.

3. Confirm with Brand

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If you have already purchased an item from some other source than an official supplier, and you suspect that it may not be authentic, then check with the brand. They should be able to tell you if it is genuine, especially if you can take it to a store for them to inspect in person. Some brands also give advice on their websites on how to identify fakes.

4. Research

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Before investing in expensive fashion, always do your research. There are a number of websites that show you how to spot a fake item. The key is to know the signs of a genuine product, so that you can identify what is missing or what is wrong in the fake version. Some counterfeiters are extremely good, so you need to be well informed and know what to look for.

5. Look for Details

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As mentioned above, when uncertain whether an item is genuine you should look closely at the details. For example, the labels will be wrong, even if they look very similar to the real thing. Also, features like the stitching and zip will not be of the high quality you would expect.

6. Sources

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Be very cautious when buying from a private seller, such as those on eBay. Of course, some will be selling a genuine product, but many are knowingly selling fakes. Others may believe incorrectly that the product is genuine. Always bear in mind that quality fashion is not cheap, so low prices should raise suspicion (unless from a genuine outlet store).

7. Avoid Street Sellers

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This is really rather obvious, but don't buy from a street seller. Many people do this on vacation, and it is a guaranteed method of getting a fake item. Of course, some people don't mind that, but if you're tempted, bear in mind that you will get a poor quality item that will probably not outlast your tan. It will just be throwing money away, so don't bother.

These tips are aimed at people who want to avoid being deceived into purchasing counterfeit garments. Some people may be perfectly happy buying fake fashion. As I've indicated, that is not a very wise choice, but let the buyer beware! If you only want to buy genuine fashion, these tips will help you avoid deceptions and stop you wasting your money. Do you think that fakes are fair enough, given the high prices of designer clothing, or do you feel that it's only worth having the genuine article?

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