Here Are the Game of Thrones Gifs That'll Describe Your Life Perfectly ...

There are no dragons and white walkers in real life (not yet anyway), but it's amazing just how perfect these Game of Thrones gifs are for everyday life situations!

1. It's the Weekend and You're out with Your Girls

We're just getting started.

2. When a Friend Explains Why Her Lifestyle Choices Make Her a Better Person than You

If you expect people to respect your choices, you need to do the same.

3. When Your Partner Acts like a Grammar Nazi in the Middle of an Argument

There's a time and a place and this is NOT it.

4. When You See Someone Flirting with Your Bae

Oh no she didn't!

5. "Just One More Drink"

What's the worst that could happen?

6. What You Look like the Morning after

So...hungover. Ugh!

7. When Social Media Spoils Game of Thrones for You

That's it, I'm quitting Twitter and Facebook for good.

8. Bumping into Someone You Slept with and Didn't Call Back

Maybe he/she didn't notice you?

9. PMS Alert!

Do NOT mess with a PMSing woman!

10. All Hail the Mighty Khaleesi....I Mean, Pizza!

Pizzas rule the world.

11. When You See Your Crush with Someone else

Act normal...act normal...

12. When Someone Who is Skinny Complains about Being Fat!

Are you kidding me?!

13. At the End of Finals Week

Glad that's over!

14. When You're Home Alone and You Think You Just Heard a Noise

Even though every single person in every scary movie who ever went to "check on what that noise was" is dead, you just can't help yourself.

15. When Someone Steals Your Lunch/dragons at Work

This is what being hangry looks like.

16. When You're Trying to Get Your BFF to do Something She Really Doesn't Want to

Please? Pretty please?

17. My Reaction Every Time I Meet Someone Who Doesn't Watch the Show

How is that even possible?!

18. When You're Trying to Pretend You Didn't Notice the Adorable Guy Who Just Walked in

Oh he's FINE!

19. How We All Feel Sometimes

Just know that you're not alone.

20. When You Get Your Periods Unexpectedly

Why does the universe hate me?!

21. When Someone Asks You What Your Life Plan is and You Really Don't Have a Clue!

If only I knew...

22. When You're Not Very Good at Flirting but Try Really Hard

I hope I don't look stupid.

23. When You Realize You Have to Wait a Whole Year to Watch Game of Thrones Again...

That's too far away!

24. But until then, There's Always the Books and This Very Satisfying Gif That I Can Watch over and over!