6 Hot πŸ”₯ Colors 🎨 for Spring 🌸 & Summer β˜€οΈ 2018 ...


Wondering about the hot colors for spring and summer 2018? Now that the mercury is beginning to rise we’re looking forward to spicing up our spring and summer wardrobes. With corresponding tepid tones hitting the hangers where we shop for clothing, given the warmer temperatures, we naturally turn toward lighter fabrics and softer colors.

Eyes on the runway are seeing more subtle shades and hues being modeled. Instead of drowning in a sea of bland pastels this season, take a daring look at these brighter colors that will blast out of your closet and won’t blah your style on the streets. Here are the hot colors for spring and summer 2018.

1. Cherry Tomato

The color red demands attention and this stronger shade is certainly no different. Exuding heat, an electric appeal and heated energy, it’s tempestuous nature is courageous and alluring, making it one of the hot colors for spring and summer 2018.

Palace Blue
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