7 Hot Houndstooth Pieces for Fall ...

Designers let the dogs out this season by releasing hot houndstooth pieces for fall. Houndstooth, also know as dogstooth, is distinguished by its large checkered pattern, broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes with carved corners typical of a canine tooth. This maximum impact pattern is ultra-mod with its classic black and white color combination and is reminiscent of the London lady in the late 50s and 60s. These hot houndstooth pieces for fall still remain elegant and polished for a put together look that’s both workday or evening-wear appropriate.

1. Houndstooth Coat

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To maintain a downtown cool aesthetic, a classic long wool houndstooth coat is the perfect way to keep your urbanite status and city-girl chic look in check. Because of its traditional and timeless black and white color palette, throw on a houndstooth coat over everything this season to beat the chill in a cool way. With options like the Target houndstooth coat shown above at $60, other houndstooth pieces range from $40 to $300 found at Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Topshop and House of Fraser.

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