7 Hot Spring Fashion Trends for 2014 ...

Fashion is something I’ve always enjoyed keeping up with and the latest fashion trends for 2014 are already taking the runway by storm, along with fashion magazines everywhere. Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Lucky Magazine and others, have been showcasing the latest fashion trends for 2014 and showing women everywhere how to look their best and be in style at the same time. Want to know how to give your fashion routine a trendy makeover? Just check out these trends below and start the new year off in style!

1. Pretty Pastels

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While bold colors were a trend in 2013, some of the newest fashion trends for 2014 are pretty pastels. Whether for pants, skirts, blouses or dress attire, pretty pastels are all over the runway right now, as well as in magazines everywhere. Greens, blues, lavenders, pinks and yellow pastels will be everywhere in spring time, and the best part is, there is no boundary as how to wear them. They fit any silhouette, style, shape or form.

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