9 Hottest 🔥 Fashion Trends of 2017 According to Fashion Influencers💋✌️ ...

Top Fashion Trends 2017 are finally here! And now is the perfect time to replace your last year's wardrobe with a totally updated and fresher version for the new year ahead! Forget Vogue, take it from fashion influencers, who know what style is first hand! Keep reading for the biggest fashion trends influencers are loving for 2017 and jump on the bandwagon of any you're really loving right now 😍 ❤️!

1. Fashion Trend of 2017 - Sexy LACE-up TOPS

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The super stylish lace-up style came bursting into style towards the end of 2016, so it's no wonder we're predicting they're gonna be just as huge for 2017! Lace-up tops and bodysuits look great when styled with high waisted shorts and skirts in summer, whereas in winter you might want to opt for a lace-up dress, tights and boots to stay snug and warm!

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