Hottest Instagram Looks to Steal for This Spring ...

Admit it. When it comes to scoping out the hottest street style looks on Instagram, your creep game is strong. Being that I pretty much live on Pinterest and Instagram, I'm definitely right behind you on that one! Don't get me wrong. I love following all of the up and coming fashion trends featured on the runway and red carpet. That being said, there's just something so inherently genuine and raw about street style that leaves me feeling inspired. If you're ready to kill the spring fashion game, you need to see these trendy Instagram looks.

1. Luscious Purple Lips

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Source: Cara Delevingne

Not only is Cara Delevingne the queen of the mauve lip, she she is a total pro at getting the hottest trends to take off. Purple is such a flattering, not to mention incredibly sexy, color. It's also versatile and compliments all skin tones. I recently moved away from my fire engine red lipstick to test a dark purple shade for the first time. My mind was completely blown at the difference it made!

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