How Many 🔢 Types of Jeans 👖 do You Own 🛍?

How many types of jeans do you own?? If you were to take a look inside your closet right now and pick an item of clothing that you absolutely couldn’t do without, I think that the majority of you would probably come back with the same answer - your trusty pairs of jeans! Whether you have two pairs of jeans or twenty, we all know that the beauty of these denim garments is the fact that they can go with pretty much anything, and when paired with the right items, can be used for all looks from super casual to smart casual! Have you ever taken a second, though, to wonder exactly how many different types of jeans you actually own? Take a look through this list and count up your own collection! Then let me know how many types of jeans do you own?

1. High Waist Skinnies

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These are the perfect type to create an ideal hourglass figure. They help to give you more shape than you would have if wearing something low waisted.

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