How to Be Cozy πŸ€— but Still Chic 😎 ...

With autumn in full flow and winter just around the corner, the word of the day for most people when it comes to fashion is definitely cosy! As the weather gets colder, we start to turn to more layered and padded looks, looks that incorporate clothing that is going to make us feel warm and toasty and in the mood for imminent festive fun! Of course, just because you want to feel comfortable at this time of the year, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any of your style! Here is how to be cosy but still chic!

1. Fleece Lined Leggings

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Leggings are staple garment in any season, but a way to keep on the basic trend whilst amping up your comfort level is to go for a wonderful fleece lined pair. They are super cosy and super versatile and evoke that β€œI’m look great without really trying” vibe that autumnal fashion is really all about.

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