How to Dress 👖👘 for Every Temp 🌡 Fall Throws at Us ☀💦💨 ...

Fall is a beautiful but interesting season! The leaves are changing colors, it's darker outside, and the weather is all over the place- cool/cold in the morning and by mid day, warm again! It's hard to dress for these conditions! The slow transition into winter means we must slowly adapt our wardrobe to fit the changing temps that allow for a comfortable day ahead. Here are a few perfect outfit specifics for those in-between weather stages of the season. 🍃🍂🍁

1. Cropped Pants 👖

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Cropped jeans and pants are less constricting because they allow your ankles to be bare- perfect for those warmer fall days! Pair your jeans with a long, loose sweater and you'll be set for changing temps throughout the day! Plus, cropped pants are totally in!

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