How to Feel Confident 😁 in a Swimsuit πŸ‘™ when You Have Body Image 🎞 Issues πŸ˜” ...

Are you in a position currently when all of your friends seem to be basking in the glory of the summer, but you are apprehensive about revealing your body to the world covered in just a swimsuit? Summer can be a hellish season if you are somebody who suffers from body image issues, but if you can employ the right mindset and take the right tips, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here are some handy tips for how to feel confident in a swimsuit when you have body image issues.

1. Find the Right Suit

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Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is only one type of swimsuit out there. Take some time to search and find an option that best suits your body type. Don’t feel pressured into wearing a two piece if you would feel much comfortable in a one piece. There are plenty of sexy one pieces out there too! Whatever makes you feel most comfortable is what you should go with.

2. Around the House

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Wear your swimsuit around the house when you are doing stuff on your own, it will start to feel less foreign and strange the more than you have it on. Don’t leave it until you actually get to the pool or beach with your friends, you will want to know exactly how you look from every angle before unveiling it to the world.

3. Friends and Family

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The first few times you wear it, try to do so in the company of family and friends only rather than a public space. These are people who are never going to judge your body like that, so it will create a positive attitude and memory for the swimsuit that you can take with you when you finally do wear it in a public setting.

4. Accessories

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Don’t think that you have to just bear it all with only your swimsuit to cover you. If you prefer, there are literally hundreds of different kinds of shawls and cover ups that you can buy to add some fashion and comfort to your swimsuit look. From wrap skirts to sarongs and oversized basketball shirt style tops, there are plenty of ways to make your swimsuit look really cool and also give yourself a little bit of social body comfort at the same time.

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