How to Make Any Mini Skirt Look Classy ...

Miniskirts can look just as elegant as any other type of skirt, depending on what you pair with it. As long as you keep the rest of your outfit relatively conservative, you'll still look classy. That means you don't have to save your miniskirts for hot dates and party nights. You can wear them wherever you'd like, as long as you follow these tips on making any miniskirt look classy:

1. Pair It with a Non-Revealing Shirt

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If you want to appear classy, you shouldn't show too much skin. Since you're already going to be flaunting your beautiful legs, you don't have to show off your stomach or your cleavage as well. Try swapping your crop top for a sweater or your v-necks for turtlenecks. You don't have to cover up too much, but try not to bare it all either.

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