How to Stay Stylish but Cool at the Office This Summer ...

Isnโ€™t office style such a pain in the summer? You want to look but you also donโ€™t want to melt during your commute. If you find it hard to stay stylish in the workplace during the summer, this list is sure to give you some pointers and tips for your most fashionable summer at the office yet!

1. Wear Dresses

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Dresses are the easiest way to stay stylish but cool during the summer, whether youโ€™re at the office or not. They have more flow than the often-worn pants do, meaning that if youโ€™re wearing a dress, youโ€™re much more likely to stay cool. Plus, dresses can easily be dressed up or down, meaning that itโ€™s much easier to wear them out of the office than your regular wardrobe probably is.

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