How to Steal Claire Underwood's Style on a Budget ...

I've been guilty of binge-watching Netflix's House of Cards not only for its amazing storyline but to also fangirl over Claire Underwood's ace wardrobe. She's singlehandedly redefined work attire for women everywhere with her elegant but carefully curated outfits. If you've been wondering how you can copy her signature style without it costing you, great news! Here's how you can emulate this style queen without breaking the bank.

1. If There's One Thing That Claire Underwood is Known for, It's for Her Love of Tailored Dresses

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While we see her experimenting more with flirty A-line cuts in the second season, Claire Underwood's go-to style has always been the dress that's tailored to perfection. Everything she wears fits her shape. As a start, try scoring structured dresses that outline your silhouette while still being work appropriate.

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