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How Your Fav Star's Grammy Styles Have Changed over the Years ...

By Holly

You look totally different now than you did five years ago. It's the same with your favorite celebrities. You just might not realize it. To prove how much they've changed, here are a few of your favorite stars' beauty transitions, brought to you by Seventeen:

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift She looks different than she did in 2008, but she looks just as beautiful.

2 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Bieber proves that men can change their style just as much as women can.

3 Carrie Underwood

No one looks more elegant than Carrie. She sure knows how to pick flattering dresses!

4 Adele

Adele This woman looks amazing, no matter what she's wearing.

5 Florence Welch

Florence Welch Florence's unique style never looks bad on her.

6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga's outfits are always surprising, but never disappointing.

7 Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams Pharrell looks just as good as he sounds.

Which celeb do you think has the cutest style?

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