7 Iconic Fashion Designers Who Made Style What It is Today ...

Fashion fades but style is eternal, and it is thanks to certain iconic fashion designers that we have consistent fashion patterns to follow. Now fashion isn't exactly a new creation. Look back to almost any point in history and you can see trends slipping in and out of obscurity. However, the ideas that we have of fashion as it is today are a sort of new phenomenon! Male and female iconic fashion designers have given rise to the catwalk cults that millions worship each year. Here is seven of history's finest:

1. Charles Frederick Worth

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Charles Frederick Worth was the father of couture. Until he came along, iconic fashion designers simply didn't exist. As the first person to adorn their garments with his name, he turned dressmaking from a noble occupation to a career that was artful. After coming from humble little Lincoln here in the UK, he rose through Paris' fashion ranks to dress Europe's royalty. His brand, House of Worth, has been ditched and revived at several points over the last 100 years.

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