If You Want to Nail the Classic Look, This is What You Should See ...

I think we can all be in agreement that Taylor Swift has some of the most classic style in Hollywood right now. All of her looks quickly become classics, and she’s starting new trends and making new styles iconic. If you’re looking to nail the classic look, these affordable Taylor Swift outfits are sure to make you feel like you’re dressing just like her. Thankfully, the paparazzi is not included in these outfits, but they’re sure to make you feel like the paparazzi should be following you around!

1. Her Tailored Blazer Look

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Taylor Swift is almost as well known for her adorable separates as she is for her music these days, but they’re usually not as affordable as this sleek and chic outfit. The sleek look of this tailored blazer and the tiny shorts just make this an outfit we’d all love to wear while traipsing the streets of New York, and thankfully it’s affordable enough that we all could if we wanted to!

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