4. Victorias Secret (victoriassecret.com)

One of the world’s sexiest and largest lingerie stores is also one of the BEST places to score a deal, and right now is primetime! During this time in the summer, Victoria’s Secret usually sends special sale catalogs to their regular customers with AMAZING deals on their swimsuits. I usually end up with 3 or 4 bikinis this way.

Not a regular customer? No need to panic, simply go online or call their customer service department to request one. These «secret» sale catalogs contain swimsuit separates for insanely low prices, as low as $6! Armed with the sku number you can search them via their site to see what’s immediately available for order, but these products aren’t viewable by the casual online shopper. Also Victoria’s Secret regularly runs deals on free shipping and other perks.

Pinkbasis (pinkbasis.com)
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