Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow during NYFW ...

NYFW is here and social media is buzzing. Out of all social media networks, though, Instagram is buzzing the most. We’re seeing pictures of some of the best designs, videos of some of the best runway shows, and even the best street style that came to play on the streets of NYC. If you’re looking to get your Fashion Week fix, look no further than the Instagram accounts on this list. There’s a little bit of everything on this list to make sure that you’re covered at this year’s NYFW!

1. Man Repeller

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Leandra Medine made a name for herself with her blog, Man Repeller, and has since published a book and has been so successful that she’s up close with all of your favorite designers at NYFW. If you want a look at some of the best shows at NYFW, her Instagram is your ticket inside of them.

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