7 Interesting Fashion Books from Fashion Insiders ...

Some of the most interesting fashion books are the ones written by industry insiders. They’re the ones who know the business inside out and can give us the best insight into all things fashion. Lately, it’s becoming more and more common for fashion figures to put their experiences into book form, which is great for us sticky beaks! The following are some interesting fashion books worth checking out.

1. Grace: a Memoir by Grace Coddington

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As far as interesting fashion books go, this memoir by editor Grace Coddington is one of most hyped books to be released lately. Before the documentary β€˜The September Issue,’ not many people would have heard of Coddington. But these days she is somewhat of an iconic fashion figure. The book looks at her start as a fashion model and time spent working at Vogue. The book is an interesting look at a life immersed in the fashion industry.

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