9 Items of Clothing to Splurge and save on ...

Sometimes it's hard to know which items of clothing to splurge on and which to save your pennies instead. Especially with funky and fresh trends, it's easy to think you need to spend a lot of money to be on trend. This isn't the case! There are some items worth the higher price tag and some that simply aren't. Here are 9 items of clothing to splurge and to save on. Let's go!

1. Jeans

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Jeans are definitely an item of clothing to splurge on. And I'm talking about dark wash, incredibly versatile denim. Usually in a straight leg because it looks best on all body types! Go for designer brands with reputable quality because you want this basic staple to last you for years to come! Colored or distressed denim can be a save item - no need to spurge on those!

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