It's Time to Embrace These "Embarrassing" Mom Trends ...


It's Time to Embrace These "Embarrassing" Mom Trends ...
It's Time to Embrace These "Embarrassing" Mom Trends ...

Why do we make fun of "mom" stuff? On the face of it, mom style isn't always, well, stylish. But that's kind of the point, right? Moms are busy creating and sustaining life, in addition to the other stuff non-mom humans are doing... they don't always have time to put fashion (or even showering) first! But maybe it's time we all embraced some mom stuff, and I'd like to tell you why.

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Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans I don't know who invented ultra low-rise skinny jeans, but if I ever meet the man - for surely, it was a man - I'd like to force him to wear his own torturous trousers. They're so uncomfortable, and most women who have birthed a child are going to have soft bellies, thighs, and butts that don't always "look good" in these terrible pants. Mom jeans are comfortable, and they don't display a multitude of mom-bod "sins" like skinny jeans do. Seriously, skinny jeans add muffin top that, in real life, doesn't even exist. So embrace the mom jeans! You'll be so glad you did!



Toms After decades of slowly killing myself in heels, I've boycotted them (except for the specialist of special occasions) and have instead filled my shoe rack with Toms. The flat, comfy shoes go much better with my mom jeans and yoga pants anyway, and they come in so many cute prints and styles!


BB Cream as Makeup

BB Cream as Makeup Listen, I don't have time to apply an entire face-worth of makeup each day. I just don't. But most days, I'll slather on some BB cream as makeup, or I'll swipe on some mascara. Once in a while, I'll do both, and a few times a year, just to prove to myself I can still do it, I'll wear blush and eyeliner, too. But you know what? I actually feel prettier when I'm not done up. I feel like I look more like... me. Kudos to the moms who still love to wear makeup (and can find the time to do it); I've embraced the less-made-up me.


Athletic Wear when We're Not Athletic

Athletic Wear when We're Not Athletic Just because I'm wearing my yoga pants does not mean I will be doing any yoga at all today. My workout clothes are comfortable, and if somehow I'm struck with the overwhelming urge to exercise, I'll be prepared.


Messy Buns

Messy Buns My messy buns don't look anything like the adorable, perfectly imperfect styles I see all my friends wear (I'm looking at you, Melissa and Stephanie), but it's not because I haven't tried. Momtip: twist your damp after-shower hair into a messy bun, and later, when take it down, you'll have gorgeous (probably still-damp) waves.

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Tee Shirts

Tee Shirts We moms will do anything for our kids, including participating in events for which we will be given tee shirts for our patronage. I have a drawer full of them, in every color imaginable, emblazoned with elementary school logos and slogans for kiddie fundraising events. Most of them are unisex, not the curvy cut, but what they lack in the style department, they more than make up for in the smiles-your-kids-give-you-when-you-wear-them category. Besides, I ran a race/bought loads of cookies/attended that event, so I've paid more for this tee shirt than I did on the cute ones I bought on purpose! Throw one of these tees under a cute cardi, and it'll be cute, I promise.


Sunglasses on Cloudy Days

Sunglasses on Cloudy Days Yes, it's cloudy out, but these aviators look great, and if I wear them, no one will see the frightful bags under my eyes from staying up all night with a croupy baby. Again, though, it's so easy to throw on sunglasses, and they really do look great.


Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress As easy and comfortable as a pair of yoga pants, a maxi dress is another mom trend that we should all try out. A black maxi is even better, because it can be dressed up or kept simple. An empire-waist maxi? Basically a garment of miracles, hiding the soft tummy without making you look shapeless.


That One Outfit

That One Outfit We moms all have that one outfit, the outfit you wear to special-ish events, the one you wear when you also wear a little makeup. Chances are, it's black dress pants and a print top with some sort of sparkle or lace to it. Chances are, it's older than your youngest child. But it still fits, and you still look and feel good in it, and the other moms always ask where you bought that top, because it just suits you. Now add a necklace, one your kids didn't make you, and rock it!

Which of these do you wear and love? What other mom trends do you think we should all embrace?

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I'm a mom in her mid 40's and I don't do any of these!

my mom actually wears Toms-like shoes now lol

I am a mom and I have never dressed like that. Gym clothes only when working out and mom jeans are just bad, bad, bad, and sad.

Ok so apparently moms and teenage girls dress exactly the same😂

Haha! This was AWESOME! As a mom of 4 I do all of these "mom style" things. My black maxi dress is my favorite item of clothing during "Canadian spring" .

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