Jean Hacks That You Can Try out Today ...


Jean Hacks That You Can Try out Today ...
Jean Hacks That You Can Try out Today ...

You wear jeans all the time, which is why hacks will certainly come in handy! The video down below will give you some lifesaving advice, like to keep bobby pins in your super small pockets and to use a binder ring when your pesky zipper won't cooperate with you.

Of course, there are plenty more hacks for you to learn about jeans! If you're interested in hearing them, all you have to do is check out this helpful video from BuzzFeed:

Now your jeans will always look amazing, no matter how old they are! What other jean hacks can you come up with?

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@Kris That's not even relevant as no one on here can control that and, obviously, someone liked them enough to buy them

Am I the only one who for some reason can never get the audio to work on the all women stalk videos? Am I doing something wrong here...?

The blue jeans in the first picture should have gone in the rag bag!!

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