Keep an Eye out for These Sexy 2016 Trends ...

Don’t expect too many trends to end with 2015 just yet! We had so many new trends in 2015, and most of them just aren’t ready to die out yet! However, we’re also welcoming so many new trends in 2016. A lot of these trends are extensions of some of your favorite 2015 trends, and others are completely unlike anything you’ve seen before, making this a list you simply cannot miss!

1. Faux Leopard Print Fur

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Faux fur was one of the biggest trends of 2015, and that’s not expected to go away just yet in the new year. However, leopard print is sure to be the faux fur of choice for most ladies out there. If you’re looking for a faux fur trend that feels fresh, new, and on point, you really can’t go wrong with leopard print faux fur!

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