Keep or Purge? 7 Questions to Help You Decide ...

It can be very difficult to decide what to keep and what to purge when you’re going through your wardrobe. These are 7 questions you can ask yourself to help you decide. It’s a good idea to go through your clothing from time to time. It helps you to see what you have and what you still need to add to your wardrobe.

1. When Was the Last Time You Wore It?

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One question to ask yourself when you’re deciding whether to keep or purge is when was the last time you wore the article of clothing? If you wear it often, it’s a keep. If you wear it sometimes, it’s a keep. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it then it’s probably time to let it go. If you can’t remember wearing it then you probably won’t miss it.

2. Is It Versatile?

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Versatile pieces are great staples to have in your wardrobe. They can mix and match with other clothing items easily. They’re usually timeless pieces which is a wonderful quality to have in a clothing item. Versatile pieces may have slipped to the back of your closet. This is a good time to push them front and center where they’ll get more wear.

3. Does It Fit?

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If an article of clothing doesn’t fit then it’s time to let it go. If it’s close to the size you are then you might consider keeping it. If there’s a big gap in fit then it’s probably best to get rid of it. If you become that size again then you can shop for new clothes. Holding on to old ones is taking up valuable space in your closet.

4. Is It Outdated?

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While there are some pieces of clothing that are practically timeless this is not true for most clothes. Trends change quickly and the style of clothing you buy is affected by them. It’s a good idea to go through your clothing every couple of years to purge anything that looks outdated. If you’d be embarrassed to be seen wearing it, then it’s definitely time for it to go. And remember, getting rid of old makes room for new.

5. Is It Damaged?

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It’s a good idea to look your clothing over for tears, missing buttons and other signs of damage. If your clothing is damaged it needs to be repaired or replaced. If you’re like me, you have intentions to repair damaged clothing but rarely actually do it. If that’s the case then it’s best to let it go. Another idea is to have a friend who enjoys mending to repair it for you.

6. Would You Buy It Again?

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This’s a good question to ask yourself when you’re deciding whether to keep or purge a clothing item. If you’ve regretted purchasing the item then you definitely need to let it go. If you’d buy it all over again then you should definitely keep it. That’s a sign it was a good decision to buy that piece. It’s worth the closet space.

7. Do You Love It?

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This question may reveal the most of all concerning if you should keep or purge an item. If you love an item then you should keep it. If you don’t then pass it on or throw it away. Life’s too short to wear clothing you don’t love. Wear only clothes that make you feel beautiful.

These are 7 questions to ask yourself when you’re going through your wardrobe. Which questions help you the most? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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