8. Cute Kitten Heels

Cute Kitten Heels

Back to footwear, if high boots aren't your thing, turn to kitten heels! They work with minis, shift dresses, cardigans, Peter Pan tops, and even those too-cute coats. If you can find a Mary Jane inspired pair, such as these Gabriella Rocha Ginger heels, so much the better.

They're $65 from Zappos, but you can find lovely, less costly pairs at all your favorite shoe shops.

I adore vintage and retro fashions most of all, but while I love the lush extravagance of, say, the 1920s, something about mod fashion really speaks to me. Don't forget about the must-have accessories either, like lots of eyeliner and oversized sunglasses. And don't be afraid to make this look yours! Remember, fashion is all about channeling your own style. What do you like best about mod fashion?

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