8 Key Essentials You Need to Rock Marvelous Mod Fashion ...

If you're really into retro and want to embrace some new takes on one of the most popular trends ever, I've got some marvelous mod fashion essentials. I love the mod look of the late '50s and early '60s, from the Mary Quant looks for the girls to the Teddy Boy inspired apparel for the guys. If you want to embrace your inner mod child and pretend like you're an Andy Warhol muse, just start incorporating these mod fashion essentials into your wardrobe – and don't be afraid to give them a modern mod update!

1. Abstract and Artistic Prints

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Abstract prints and optical art patterns are both mod fashion essentials. Bright geometric designs and bold patterns that draw the eye ensure that you're rocking the mod fashion the way it was meant to be rocked. This shift style dress from ModCloth can be yours for $57.99, but you can also look for inspired prints at ASOS, Forever 21, and many other places. The black and white palette is a sure shot as well.

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