7 Key Wardrobe Pieces for Your Summer Internship ...

You might be super stoked to start your summer internship, but in order to get your wardrobe office-ready, you might want to add in some key pieces for your summer internship. These pieces are all versatile, professional, and chic. It is important to wear clothing that is well tailored and conservative. No matter what field you are going into, having a professional look is important for giving off the right image and putting your best foot forward, so check out these key pieces for your summer internship.

1. Clean Cut Blazer

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Of all of the key pieces for your summer internship, a sharp and well fitting blazer might be among the top ones. It is among the most versatile wardrobe staples and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Pair it with a button down and pencil skirt for a classic office look. Or you can have a bit more fun with it and layer it on top of a conservative but fun dress to spice up your internship wardrobe. As with most blazers, the fit is key, so think about getting yours tailored to get the best fit possible.

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