Amazing Life Saving Clothing and Fashion Hacks Every Girl Needs ...

Don't you just love fashion hacks? They have the ability to save, transform, update, and make your problems disappear. Here are 21 fashion hacks guaranteed to make you want to start experimenting right away!

* To Remove Bad Odors from Your Jeans

Toss them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. No more odor causing bacteria! What a great fashion hack huh?

* Wine Stains?

Wine is clearly the answer to all of life's problems!

* Rolling up Sleeves

Somehow, I can NEVER get this right!

* Double Clothes Hangers

Extra closet space!

* Shoe Hack

This is so pretty...and easy!

* It's Boots Season

This is a great little tip for women who don't like skinny jeans.

* Keep Your Zipper up

No more embarrassing situations. Yay!

* No Time to Wash Your Clothes?

Spray a little vodka and water mixture on whatever you plan to wear and let it dry. It will get rid of any odors and leave your clothes smelling fresh.

* Breaking Bad

I've got to try this one.

* Salvaging Old Shoes

Now you don't have to throw your favorite shoes away.

* Pant Fitting

Really? That's like magic!

* Slimming Trick

Wearing a tank between your shirt and sweater will hide bunched up fabric and keep your mid section from looking frumpy. Also no button outlines!

* Run in Your Stockings

Prevent it from getting worse by painting it with clear nail polish.

* Jewelry Planning

Here's the answer to the eternal "I wonder what will go with this" dilemma.

* Belt It up

For when you're bored of the usual way.

* Tights under Ripped Jeans


* DIY Draped Skirt

Now that's gorgeous!

* Lace Makes Everything Prettier

This is so cute and easy, not to mention affordable.

* Save Your Leather

Remember this when you're putting away your leather boots after winter.

Boring to Unique

Okay, how cute is this? Detailed instructions here:

* Animal Stencil Pants

Got a pair of boring old pants that still fit great? Turn it into these! Instructions here:

Inspired yet by these awesome fashion hacks? Do you have any hacks to share? Let us know below.

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