7 Lightweight and Beautiful Dresses You'll Love This Summer ...

Lightweight dresses are my wardrobe staple right now – it feels like Summer has finally arrived, and I suddenly having nothing to wear. All those carefully thought out shorts and blazer combos? It’s far too hot, and accessories make me melt. If you are feeling the heat too, check out some of these gorgeous lightweight dresses – easy, and perfect for taking on holiday, too.

1. The Shirt Dress…

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The crème-de-la-crème of lightweight dresses! The white version of this dress is perfect for showing off your tan, and makes accessorizing effortless – add tan gladiator sandals and a cute necklace, and you’ll be ready for any temperature without a fuss. If you fancy more color, opt for the duck egg blue version. Pastels are totally gorgeous in the sunlight! Both are available at Anthropologie.

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