7 Reasons to Wear Sundresses This Spring ...

If you’re looking for reasons to wear sundresses, I’m ready to give you some. There are so many beautiful choices in stores to suit all budgets. Once you’ve worn a sundress, you’ll be a convert and there won’t be any going back. I have a closet full of them and I promise you will too after you read through this list of reasons to wear sundresses. So get ready to stock up on this spring and summer wardrobe essential.

1. Weather Versatility

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Versatility is just one of the many great reasons to wear sundresses. They are ideal for days when the weather is cool to start, but hot by afternoon. When I leave the house, I top my sundress with a thin sweater or jean jacket. That way I’m warm enough to battle cool mornings, but as the temperature rises, I can remove my top layer and look great without roasting.

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