9 Lovely Ways to Wear White This Winter ...

It may be a colour that is usually shelved until the summer sun comes out to play, but this winter there are lovely ways to wear white. It’s crisp, it's chic and it’s a big trend for 2014! So before you reach for the winter black, have a look at these lovely ways to wear white that will make even the snow queen herself green with envy.

1. The Little White Dress

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When looking at lovely ways to wear white for winter, the white shift dress is one to try. The shift dress is a brilliant fashion staple that every fashionista should have. White can be a daunting colour for the body conscious (aka most of us!) and that’s why a shift dress is the perfect option as it skims the body and drapes elegantly, with a variation of length for every preference. Team with bare legs and heels for a (chilly) night out or dark tights and boots for a monochrome day look.

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