10 Most Fashionable Luggage Pieces ...

I love to travel. Almost as much as I like to people watch. But I love to travel in style even more (and maybe do a bit of style watching on the people I encounter while traveling). Depending on the trip, I plan my luggage based on the wardrobe items needed (which is, like, everything in my closet and six extra pairs of shoes) and the length of my time away. Most importantly, when flying, I like to see my suitcase immediately in a sea of plain, boring black bags coming around the baggage claim. Here are 10 of the most fashionable luggage pieces I have found (and currently covet):

1. Pierre Cardin Signature

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Price: $229.99 ebags.com
Ah, the traditionalist. This brown, four-piece Pierre Cardin logo-printed standard is definitely for the classy traveling broad. Durable, high-quality, fashionable… and at a great price point for those who want a matchy-matchy style while strolling through airports and train stations. The tote is the perfect size for a weekender bag too.

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