8 Most Ridiculous Designer Accessories ...

Ridiculous designer accessories should really get better press coverage! Seriously! They might not be the most conventionally useful things out there but we can at least have a lot of laughs. And those who laugh more live longer, right? Well, let me prolong your life for a good couple of years by sharing a few totally ridiculous designer accessories! How ridiculous? Extremely! I’m talking super weird designer stuff! And don’t worry, you can thank me later!

1. Cynthia Rowley Band Aids

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When designers or celebrities decide to team up with a cosmetic/pharmaceutical company, the result is always an overpriced product with none of the quality to justify the high costs. Cynthia Rowley, on the other hand, isn’t a fan of such trade-offs! Results of her co-ops are not as pricey and very useful…if you’re a 12 year old with a fashion addiction. Yes, I’m talking about colorful Band Aids! Why wear a regular flesh toned Band Aid or go for a seamless, clear one when you can opt for sequins, signature or baroque-inspired prints to color coordinate a fresh cut with your outfit and show everyone that you might not be very careful with knives but at least take your fashion seriously! These practical yet quite ridiculous designer accessories sell for the price of $10 a set and come in a really interesting vintage-looking metal box that might convince you to make a purchase even if you agree that adults shouldn’t be wearing colorful Band Aids.

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