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16 Most Stylish IPhone 5 Cases ...

By Holly

You never leave the house without your cell, so it’s important to own at least one of the most stylish iPhone 5 cases. Since it’s always in your hands, the case will always be in view. You might as well show off your personality with something fun and adorable. If your phone is bare, think about buying one of these stylish iPhone 5 cases.

1 Moschino Bear IPhone 5 Cover

Moschino Bear IPhone 5 CoverMoschino’s Bear Cover is one the best iPhone 5 cases to have. If you love to cuddle, you’ve probably had a bed full of stuffed animals at one point. Relive your childhood with this adorable case. Whenever you’re feeling sad, flip your cell over to see your best bear friend. He’s better than any human! This is one of the stylish iPhone five cases that is guaranteed to raise a smile. .

Price: $75 at

2 Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Leather Classic Phone Wallet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Leather Classic Phone WalletNot only will this hold your phone, but it will hold your credit cards. Once you unzip it, there are multiple slits for cards, and additional pockets. If you don’t feel like lugging around your pocketbook, this is all you need. Take it to the store, and use the strap to keep it attached to your wrist. It’s convenient, as well as cute.

Price: $148 at

3 Tory Burch Robinson Smart Phone Wristlet

Tory Burch Robinson Smart Phone WristletHere’s another case that contains slots for credit cards. Whether or not you like the wrist strap, it’s no problem. You can easily detach it whenever you want to switch up the style. It comes in multiple colors, so that’s your choice as well. Buy whatever makes you the happiest.

Price: $155 at

4 Rifle Paper Co. New York Case

Rifle Paper Co. New York CaseWhether you live in New York or have always dreamt of visiting, you’ll enjoy this case. It depicts all of the big monuments in the Big Apple. If you haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty in person, at least you’ll be able to look at it on your case. It’ll always be right there, waiting for you. So don’t be afraid to admire it.

Price: $34 at

5 Kate Spade New York Dictionary Book Case

Kate Spade New York Dictionary Book CaseAre you a book worm? Does expanding your vocabulary give you great joy? If you answered yes to both questions, this case belongs on your phone. It opens up just like any book does. It’s the perfect way to show your love for language.

Price: $85 at

6 Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Melts IPhone 5 Cover

Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Melts IPhone 5 CoverIf you want a case that’s not too complicated, you’ll love this. The dripping metal design is sleek and simple. It’s not too distracting, but it makes a statement. If you’re a fan of Marc Jacobs, you can’t pass up this case. It’s meant for you!

Price: $48 at

7 Case-Mate Gemstone Case

Case-Mate Gemstone CaseThis case will sparkle and shimmer its way into your heart. I mean, who doesn’t love gemstones? Forget diamonds, gemstones are a girl’s best friend. If turquoise is not your color, this case also comes in gold jet and howlite. Each one manages to be both sophisticated and edgy at the same time.

Price: $150 at

8 Jagger Edge the Montana Case

Jagger Edge the Montana CaseThis colorful case isn’t too plain, isn’t too fancy, and isn’t too bold. It’s just right. Before you leave the house, grab some silver jewelry to match. It might sound silly to coordinate with your phone, but it’s basically a body part. It’s always in your hands, isn’t it?

Price: $99 at

9 Rafe Mother-of-Pearl IPhone 5 Case

Rafe Mother-of-Pearl IPhone 5 CaseYou don’t always have to make bold choices. Sometimes the simplest option is the best one. This case won’t distract anyone from your beauty. It’s not meant to get attention, but will be admired once it’s looked at closely. The faint design is smooth and subtle, creating a lovely case.

Price: $69 at

10 Michael by Michael Kors IPhone 5 Case

Michael by Michael Kors IPhone 5 CaseAre you looking for a gorgeous colored case? This clutch has a regal look to it. It would look great with a fancy dress, but works just as well with jeans. Whatever you wear, don’t leave this case at home. It’s too precious to forget.

Price: $98 at

11 Cath Kidston Shell Case for IPhone 5

Cath Kidston Shell Case for IPhone 5Watch out, because this case will make your mouth water. It has a sky blue background with strawberries and flowers scattered over it. If spring is your favorite season, this case is the perfect way to capture the moment. It’ll make you think of all the days you sat poolside munching on strawberries. Aren’t the memories worth the price?

Price: $35 at

12 Tortoiseshell for IPhone 5

Tortoiseshell for IPhone 5If you were born to be wild, show it with this case. It has a simple design that says a lot. So take a chance and purchase it. Just be careful with how feisty your texts get. You don’t want to be a total animal.

Price: $35 at

13 Snowman Case for IPhone 5

Snowman Case for IPhone 5You don’t have to use the same cover all year round. If you get bored easily, you’ll want to switch your iPhone cases every few weeks. This snowman is perfect for the winter season. He has an adorable face that’ll make you hope for snowfall. When that snow starts to melt, you can switch him out for a spring friendly case.

Price: $20 at

14 Pinky for IPhone 5

Pinky for IPhone 5Do you love going to the zoo? Of course you do. There are plenty of amazing animals for you to see, and flamingos are one of them. This case captures the beauty of the creature, and the price is even affordable. Plus, it cleverly uses the camera lens as an eye. How creative!.

Price: $15 at

15 Mickey Mouse Character Suit IPhone 5 Case

Mickey Mouse Character Suit IPhone 5 CaseGather around, all of you Disney fans. This case is perfect for anyone who loves going to Walt’s amusement parks or watching his movies. It depicts Mickey in his signature outfit. How much cuter can it get? This is one mouse who is beloved by all, so everyone will love your new case.

Price: $30 at

16 Kate Spade New York Black Cat Silicone Phone Case

Kate Spade New York Black Cat Silicone Phone CaseThis phone case is purrfect for animal lovers. It’s the cat’s meow. It’s pawsitively awesome. Seriously though, how could you resist a case of a kitty? It was made to be admired.

Price: $45 at

Everyone has a phone, so everyone should have a case that they’re proud of. Buy something you’ll love to show off, or what’s the point of having it? What case is your phone currently donning?

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