16 Most Stylish IPhone 5 Cases ...

You never leave the house without your cell, so itโ€™s important to own at least one of the most stylish iPhone 5 cases. Since itโ€™s always in your hands, the case will always be in view. You might as well show off your personality with something fun and adorable. If your phone is bare, think about buying one of these stylish iPhone 5 cases.

1. Moschino Bear IPhone 5 Cover

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Moschinoโ€™s Bear Cover is one the best iPhone 5 cases to have. If you love to cuddle, youโ€™ve probably had a bed full of stuffed animals at one point. Relive your childhood with this adorable case. Whenever youโ€™re feeling sad, flip your cell over to see your best bear friend. Heโ€™s better than any human! This is one of the stylish iPhone five cases that is guaranteed to raise a smile. .

Price: $75 at net-a-porter.com

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