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Trends 2012 are fresh, interesting, bold and ladylike, colorful and low key! They are the weather forecast millions of women all across the globe are dying to hear and a very specific both shopping and savings guide they can’t wait to get their hands on. Luckily, the designers never let us wait for too long which means the 2012 trends are already out there! So are they predicting showers of bold new colors and shapes, sunshine with a lot of fresh flowers, thunderstorms of new ideas or a calm breeze of last year’s favorites? Well, check out these 2012 trends and see for yourself:

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Flower Print

From bright tropical petals and bold Bollywood-like prints to delicate, elegant, barely there blooms– most designers agree 2012 will be the year of flowers in every possible shape, form or color! And what could be a better time to show off your brand new style improvements than the upcoming spring or holiday season! So arm yourself with a few bold, bright pieces and get ready to score some major style points in the New Year!


Pastel Color Block

But Spring/Summer trends 2012 go beyond just flowers! So if you want to look great this season you’ll definitely want to start color blocking those nice, candy-like pastels instead of just bright, bold colors. Yup, ladies, pastel shades are going to be huge this year and whether you choose to match or mismatch them, I’m sure you’ll have a blast exploring this almost forgotten part of the color-chart.


Birds, Bees, Trees

Next on my list of really cool 2012 trends is something you already had a chance to see in the Versace for H&M collection – digital imaging! From flora and fauna to beautiful landscapes – everything and anything can be transferred onto fabrics and worn outside these days. And there’s no need to get alarmed, my dear fashionistas - Donatella’s freakishly flashy designs are just one of many options to go for which means that you can choose less eye-catching ones as well!


Chic Shine

Big fashion names such as Lanvin and Miu Miu agree on at least one thing – satin is still a good fabric to go for in case you want to look chic and elegant. But what makes this trend 2012 rather than 2011 or even 2010 or 2009? Well, instead of going for that draping, shiny satin that has a prom-dress or bridesmaid-dress feel to it, opt for its classier matte cousin that will still enable you to shine in a totally chic way.


Citrus Shades

Hope you’ve invested in some good quality yellow and orange clothes and accessories last year because you’ll need them again soon! Yup, you heard well, citrus shades are still smoking hot which means they weren’t just a 2011 must-do but one of the 2012 trends you’ll be glad to rock again and again and again!



Loved by Armani, YSL and Nina Ricci, peplum details are one of the hottest and, in my opinion, most feminine spring/summer trends 2012! Opt for a peplum dress to give you that sexy hourglass shape for a special night out, choose a peplum skirt if you like to mix and match or invest in a chic dressy jacket that will allow you to be stylish anywhere and anytime!



Good taste never goes out of style so let this be the year in which you’ll finally be able to open your closet and know exactly what to wear! I’m talking about “curating your wardrobe”, a concept that, although isn’t as new as you’ve expected, is rapidly gaining popularity right now. It’s all about embracing the fact that a closet full of clothes doesn’t necessarily mean perfect style, it’s about de-cluttering your closets, removing everything that’s creating confusion and is there just to give you the false feeling of having a lot of options. It’s about having a small but carefully selected, versatile wardrobe that really makes you look like million bucks!

But the list of 2012 trends is still in the making and I’m positively sure there will be a lot of nice surprises along the way! After all, as the year rolls on, we're certain to see even more 2012 trends -- the question is just whether or not we'll love them or hate them. What do you think and which 2012 trends are you going to rock?

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