7 Must-Have Items to Add to Your Wardrobes Right Now ...

The great thing about the change of seasons is the opportunity of choosing new items to add to your wardrobes. By purchasing just a few key pieces, you can instantly update and refresh your wardrobe. This spring we’re seeing some distinct trends like feminine silhouettes, boxy shapes, and streamlined looks. Keeping this in mind, these are a few items to add to your wardrobes right now.

1. Midi Skirt

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Hemlines are dropping and when it comes to items to add to your wardrobes right now, the midi skirt is a must. Styles vary from full swing skirts to sleek, fitted pencil skirts. As for colours, black is versatile and timeless but you could also play things up this season with some spring pastels. Work a racy look by teaming your midi skirt with a cropped top and biker jacket or stick to a more polished look in a floaty, feminine blouse and ballet flats.

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